Artist Statement

My inspiration often begins with a sense of place. I continue to be fascinated with the patterns and colors in natural landscapes: sandstone layers, tree bark, tide pools, stone markings, patches of moss and the energy of growth and renewal found in wilderness. I'm also interested in the way shape, texture, and line come together in constructed landscapes in cities such as Prague, Edinburgh, Budapest, and Florence. My lifelong travel experiences include camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing in many US National Parks and the Utah or Colorado canyons as well travel to small villages in Italy, France, Ireland, and Mexico. These opportunities to gather inspiration continue to be strong influences in my art-making.

My most recent paintings often begin with some of the patterns found in these actual landscapes combined with the inner landscape of my imagination. What emerges as I paint, then, is an abstract expression of a place and moment, which is something other than that found in direct, detailed observation.

I use oil paint and cold wax, along with oil bars, charcoal, graphite and other materials to build up many layers of paint mixed with wax. I scratch into the surface, make marks using solvent, or sometimes use paper to create interesting textures, shapes, and lines until a painting seems balanced and complete.

At first the process is a bit chaotic and undefined, but as I paint, one color or gesture organically informs the next. I love the sense of freedom, possibility, and the element of exploration and surprise as a painting comes together. In the end a new place emerges, and I invite the viewer to step into this world for a few moments or more.


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